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Beginner Golf Lessons & Clinics

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Beginner Golf Lessons & Clinics

Beginner golf lessons are some of my favorite classes to instruct! Why? Because these lessons are full of people who are about to find out how fun playing golf can be.

They don’t know that with just a few skills, they are starting a game they will love for life. This is why I offer private beginner golf lessons and beginner golf clinics. In addition to working on fundamentals, we’ll also cover the basics to help you feel more comfortable on the course or at the driving range.

Beginner Golf Group Lessons and clinics

Yes, You Can Golf

If you’re wondering if you can do this, I’m here to tell you – yes, you can golf. You don’t have to be very athletic, young or whatever to enjoy the game. I’m a patient person. I keep lessons focused but also light, friendly and relaxed. We’ll practice skills and most of all, help you cultivate a love for the game.

Many new golfers aren’t just nervous because of the skills they need to learn, but also because they don’t know things like golf etiquette, the lingo, or how to approach the course. – Don’t worry! We’ll cover all of that in our beginner golf lessons and have some fun in the process! 

By the time we’re done working together, I guarantee you’ll have raised your ability, found a new level of comfort on the course and have had some fun! My beginner golf lessons and clinics are designed so you’ll build on successes and grow with confidence. I have a passion for teaching golf and I look forward to sharing my love of the game with you. If you have any questions before signing up, just send me a note.

Before meeting Tom White, my golfing experience was limited to mini-golf, and I wasn’t very good at that, either. Tom was very patient teaching the basics from holding the club properly to knowing which one to use and when. He made learning the game very enjoyable. My family members with more experience benefited from more specific instruction for their skill level. I would definitely recommend Tom White.

-Cameron L.

Developing Your Game

Golf isn’t just one skill. It’s skills, mindset and approach. As part of every program we’ll work in some of the following areas:

  • Pace of Play – if you are playing slowly and holding up your group, and the groups behind you, you will not have fun.  I will teach you how to play with anyone, of any ability, and have fun!
  • Rules of Golf – the important ones, and how to score
  • Golf Etiquette – the practices and rules that keep people safe and respect other players
  • Enjoyment! – How to laugh at yourself and have fun. This isn’t the easiest game in the world, just the best!
  • Technique – You will learn
    • a simple, repeatable swing
    • the fundamentals, and drills to do at home in front of a mirror, or in the backyard
  • Golf Terms – If you don’t already, you’ll be using words like birdie, bunker, and par with ease and confidence.
  • Fundamentals – solid fundamentals improves your game and keeps you healthier over years of playing golf
  • Maintaining Your Game – You’ll learn how to practice efficiently, within the budget you have set for yourself

If you learn to embrace the etiquette of the game, maintain proper pace of play, and don’t take yourself too seriously – you can golf with anyone!  Beginner golf lessons are a great place to start learning fundamentals.

Affordable Beginner Golf Lessons

One reason people don’t take up golf is because they think they can’t afford the lessons or find the time to practice. I understand these concerns and can work within your budget.

In addition to offering affordable group lessons and clinics, I can give drills and tips that you can do at home so we can maximize our time together. We’ll make a way for you to learn and maintain your game without breaking the bank or spending hours at the course.

Give Yourself the Gift of Golf

One reason I love golf is because it creates so many opportunities. It’s a healthy pursuit that gets you outdoors, opens up business and social circles and offers a great mindset practice. Oh, and let’s not forget, golf is just fun! When you play golf, you’re giving yourself all these opportunities and more.

Or Take Private Lessons

Get private golf lessons or learn with a partner or friends. I offer private and group lessons. One-on-one lessons will be tailored to your goals and needs. These lessons are taught at The Golf Club at Heather Ridge.

Private Golf Lessons

of Students


3 Lesson Package

9-Hole Playing Lesson**

3 Lesson Package
+ 9 holes**
1 student$110 / hour$300$220*$500

*Price does not include clubs, golf cart, or greens fees.
**9-Hole Playing Lessons may be played at Heather Ridge GC or Green Valley Ranch Golf Course. Since many golfers have discount cards, etc., the fee listed above is for my time; student pays their own greens fees and cart fees. Walking Playing Lessons are welcomed, available, and cheaper, same rate for me!
Golf lessons are taught at the Golf Club at Heather Ridge.

Number of
1-person$400 includes greens fee at GVR for the 4th class*
2-people $550 includes both greens fees at GVR for the 4th class*
3-peoplequoted upon request*

*Prices include golf clubs. Lessons taught at the Golf Club at Heather Ridge.

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