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Golf Clinics and Group Lessons

Lessons and clinics to cut the costs and double the fun

Golf Clinics and Group Lessons Double the Laughs

Group golf lessons and clinics are great ways to learn golf skills, increase the fun while keeping the costs down. Join one of our clinics or gather up some friends to schedule your own private group lessons. Or take a webinar on Golf Etiquette and Business Golf. Learn how to have more fun while working on the course!

Beginner Golf Clinics

If you are a beginner, or need training on golf etiquette and pace of play, this is for you! Every group will be coached by Tom White, who will help the “newbies” learn the important and fine points of our wonderful game.

We support a friendly, patient and relaxed atmosphere because we believe it helps new players. It also contributes to a greater feeling of ease when you step onto the course. Feeling relaxed helps players be more consistent and play better golf. Come join us!


If you have any questions, contact me! I am happy to help.

Business Golf and Golf Etiquette Webinars

With so much business being conducted on the golf course, you can’t afford to miss out!

Are your employees and those representing your company showing class while entertaining clients, or are they embarrassing your brand and costing you money?

Are your company and key representatives missing out on opportunities available on the golf course? 

Are key people with your company not playing in industry outings for fear of embarrassment? 

In this webinar, you’ll learn to

  • Play quickly without rushing – be more fun to golf with! 
  • Be comfortable on the golf course 
  • Entertain customers at and on the golf course 
  • Relax and enjoy your game, no matter how good your playing partners are 

Group Golf Lessons

Generally, I offer group lessons for 2 to 3 people. I find this is a good number to make sure everyone gets the attention they need. If you’d like to add more people to your group, just contact me. Often times this isn’t an issue, but it’s best to discuss this first.

Beginner & Refresher 4-Session Camps – I’ve found that with frequent repetition, and by breaking down the task into small pieces, and by mastering those tasks are the best way to learn anything, especially golf. This camp will include 4 lessons (approx.75 minutes/lesson) with the first 3 lessons at Heather Ridge GC, and 4th class at Green Valley Ranch GC par 3 course. The final class at GVR will focus on golf etiquette and pace of play, how to be comfortable on the course and be fun to play with, and will last about 2 hours.

In the 1st class you will learn the fundamentals, grip, posture, alignment. We will start at 12” away from the hole and work our way away from the hole with 25’ putts. You will learn how to hit a bump and run shot, and, at the end of the first class you will learn how to properly grip the golf club. During the 2nd lesson we will review class #1, especially the grip, and instruct on the half swing shot. In the 3 rd class we’ll add the full swing and bring it all together, and get you ready to go out on the golf course for the final class. Class #4 will last about 2 hours and will be held at GVR par 3 course where I teach golf etiquette and pace of play. You’ll learn how to get comfortable on the golf course, and how to be enjoyable to play with, so you’re more likely to go back and play more. I also offer a Golf Etiquette webinar, free of charge, where much of what I teach during the 4th class is learned.

We can customize a program with times and days that work for everyone. Here is pricing for the 4-week Beginner & Refresher 4-Session Camp program, plus the Golf Etiquette webinar, for 1 and 2 people per class.

Number of
1-person$400 includes greens fee at GVR for the 4th class*
2-people $550 includes both greens fees at GVR for the 4th class*
3-peoplequoted upon request*

*Prices include golf clubs. Lessons taught at the Golf Club at Heather Ridge.

Golf Lessons in the Denver Area

I teach private and private group lessons at these great golf facilities

Heather Ridge Golf Course

Aurora, Colorado

Lessons at Heather Ridge Golf Course Aurora Colorado

Golf Colorado 365

Centennial, Colorado

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