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Putting Lessons & Clinics

Improved putting helps you finish the game with a “Yesss!”

Putting Instruction for Experienced and Beginner Golfers

putting lessons

Without question, putting is the most important part of the game.

If you can’t make a 3 foot putt, you can’t score well. That’s why taking lessons to improve your short game is a master stroke!

Learning to Putt Better with more Consistency

We’ve all seen the tournament won on TV with a beautiful putt sunk on the last hole. Watching a golfer analyze the path, orchestrate the set up and hit the ball with just the right impact for speed, can be like witnessing a work of art come to life.

I can help you create your own masterpiece on the golf course. We’ll break down the putting stroke and approach into small, separate steps so you can build on success as you develop your putting stroke.

Whether you’re new to putting or are looking to improve your put, you’ll find more success and consistency with this training. In fact, you’ll start to look forward to the opportunity to strut your stuff on the green.

Eyeline Golf Certified Putting Instructor

As an Eyeline Golf Certified Instructor, I can help you develop a repeatable, sound routine and effective putting stroke. This can turn a good putter into an excellent putter. And that is critical to lower golf scores.

As part of lessons and clinics, we’ll use many of the Eyeline Golf training tools. I’ve found these help develop skills efficiently and drive home the mechanics of a solid putt.

We’ll also use drills (some of which you can do at home) to help you dial in the stroke. With practice, you’ll be able to gain better consistency in your putting.

If you have questions on whether putting or maybe more general golf lessons would be better for you, just contact me. We’ll talk about your goals and get you the lessons that suit you best.

Putting Lessons & Clinic Rates

1 Student$110/Hour
2 Students $150/Hour
*Prices do not include clubs. Lessons taught at The Golf Club at Heather Ridge.

Putting Lesson & Clinic Schedule

Times and dates for the 2020 season to come! If you’re interested in putting lessons or clinics, drop me a line. I’ll update you as soon as we post the new schedule!

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Let’s talk about what you need and book the lessons that best suit you.