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Golf Etiquette & Pace of Play

How to be a pleasure to play with

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Diamonds on the Green, a California group attended the Golf Etiquette & Pace of Play seminar.
Diamonds on the Green attended the Golf Etiquette & Pace of Play seminar.

My Golf Etiquette & Pace of Play Seminar is based on the fundamental idea that there’s a difference between being able to play golf well and being a good golfer.

If you’ve been golfing for any length of time, you almost certainly already know what I mean—we’ve all met someone that’s without a doubt a very skillful golfer indeed, but at the same time we immediately know that we wouldn’t enjoy spending another day on the links with them.

Perhaps their pacing was rushed or too slow, they didn’t have a great handle on the rules of the game, or they simply had a bad attitude when they performed poorly (or perhaps worse, gloated when they performed well). Point is, nobody in your group wanted to golf with them again.

How can you avoid becoming one of these skilled-yet-”bad” golfers?

At its core, my Golf Etiquette & Pace of Play Seminar will teach you how to not be “that” guy or gal. Instead, you’ll learn all the key tenets of being a truly good golfer—that is, someone who is a pleasure to play with anytime, regardless of your skill level or the skill level of your playing companions.

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We Call it “Playing Golf”, Not “Working Golf”!

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Have you ever noticed when you’re around a person with a positive and relaxed attitude that you find yourself more at ease?

Conversely, a tense, frustrated, or uncomfortable person will make most people instinctively put up their guard.

These unspoken rules are always in play while golfing! Attitudes are infectious during your time on the green—there’s even quite a lot of science to back this up, with mirror neurons and all that—so if you want your companions to have a great time golfing, you need to be having a great time yourself.

The quickest way to enjoy golfing (and to have others enjoy golfing with you) holds at its heart a very Zen-like proposal: play quickly without rushing, don’t take things too seriously while still respecting the game and your fellow players, and laugh at yourself but never in a mean-spirited or self deprecating way.

After all, you’re playing golf, not working golf. Remembering this will help you to play “the game within the game” of golf, which is…

The Game Within the Game: Golf Etiquette, Proper Pacing, and The Impact on Your Networking Opportunities

As you doubtlessly already know, golfing can provide excellent networking opportunities. Businesses and organizations often have their people attend my Golf Etiquette & Pacing Seminar for this very reason—anyone who takes the seminar will be far better equipped to represent their company well.

If you’ve ever wanted to entertain customers, clients, or your companions with class, you’ll learn how to do it in this seminar. In addition to comfort-building techniques and my methods for playing quickly without appearing rushed, hasty, or frustrated, you’ll learn some of the more mechanical but key components that will make you a pleasure to play with:

  • Where to stand while others are playing
  • Where to park your golf cart or put your golfing bag
  • When to talk and, crucially, when not to talk
  • How to properly tee up a ball (I often see even seasoned players getting this wrong!)
  • How to show respect to the course you’re playing on and your fellow golfers by quickly and easily repairing divots and pitch marks
  • Safety considerations for yourself and your companions

…And more—lots more. We’ll even cover some of the basic rules of golf and what part proper etiquette plays with them.

By the time you’re done with the seminar, you’ll be hitting the links not only with the air of class and grace that all truly good golfers seem to have, but a renewed enjoyment for the game itself.

I’m so confident in my methods and advice that I want to make absolutely sure you get it right: that’s why I’ll even meet up with you as an added bonus over at the Green Valley Ranch Club for only ten bucks (the greens admission fee). We’ll go over everything together and put everything you learned in the seminar into real-world practice.

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How to Attend the Golf Etiquette & Pacing Seminar Via Zoom

I offer the Golf Etiquette & Pacing Seminar as a Zoom course. While originally conducted this way out of necessity, my students and I have found that Zoom has offered a lot of flexibility and convenience—even if you’re out of town or just have a busy schedule in general, you can still attend the course from the comfort of your own home, office, or hotel.

If you haven’t used Zoom yet, rest assured that anyone with a reasonably modern mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer should have no trouble using Zoom. Just make sure that you have:

  • A reliable internet connection
  • A device with a camera and microphone
  • Downloaded and installed Zoom in advance

Zoom is free and easy to use. Visit the Zoom download page to get it. If for any reason you have trouble installing the software, you can also attend the seminar using your web browser. Simply visit and click “Join” in the upper right-hand corner of the page, then enter the meeting ID which I will have previously provided to you via email.

Learn More About My Pro Golf Lessons & How to Get in Touch With Me

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The Golf Etiquette & Pacing Seminar is just one of the many seminars/courses I do—I even give private golfing lessons custom-tailored to your exact needs. You may also be interested in my beginner golf lessons or my senior golf lessons.

That’s just the beginning: see the full course list here.

Questions? You’re more than welcome to contact me so that we can talk a little golf and work out the lessons that suit you best.

I’ll see you on the green!


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. We can discuss your goals and needs and set up the lessons best for you. I look forward to working with you!