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Private Golf Lessons

Golf lessons tailored to what you need

Private Golf Lessons to Focus on Your Goals

Private golf lessons are a great way to develop and hone the skills particular to what you want to achieve. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced player; man, woman or junior – the entire lesson will be designed to your needs. We’ll keep the pace of play suited to your progress. Let’s get started on lowering that score!

What to Expect from Your Golf Lessons

First off, we’re going to have some fun. We won’t sacrifice enjoyment of the game to find “the perfect swing.” We’ll find the balance between focus and fun as we work toward your goals. Because it’s in that balance that you will play your best golf. And we’re also going to communicate!

We’ll tailor the lessons to what you need to work on – and this is where I need to hear from you! I’m going to ask questions. Lots of ’em!

private golf lesson with coach and student
  • What do you want from your game?
    • To lower your handicap? Play with work colleagues or friends? Qualify for a team? Something else?
  • What do you feel are your challenges to achieving your goals?
    • Time? Fitness? The mental game?
  • How do your games normally play out?
    • Do you fade mid way? Have trouble recovering from a bad shot?
  • What parts of the game do you ‘dislike’?
    • Putting? Distance shots? Strategy?

We’ll go over all these kinds of questions and others. It won’t be an interrogation, but just a part of developing our coaching relationship. Communication will be key to helping you achieve your goals. And hey, it’ll be fun. Sharing the journey is part of the game!

We’ll also cover technique, warm up and positioning. And along the way we’ll cover the rules and golfing etiquette where necessary. The more comfortable you are on the course, the better you’ll play and the more consistent you will be.

Packages or Single Lessons Available

I often recommend students purchase a package of private lessons as it’s an economical way to develop your game over a length of time. You’ll get drills to practice between lessons so we can maximize the time we have together. 

If you just want to stick with one lesson, no problem! We’ll set out the lesson’s objectives and get to work. 

In all private lessons, however I’ll assess your swing and fundamentals to tailor the class toward achieving your goals. And, as always, we’ll find the balance between fun and focus, because that’s the secret to playing great golf.

How Much are Golf Lessons

Below are my rates for private lessons. Another economical way to get more personalized instruction is to share the cost with a friend. You can organize private group golf lessons with friends or a partner. Couples often enjoy private group lessons. It’s both a shared experience and a way to improve their game. Win-win!

Let’s talk about your golf goal. I’ll help you choose the lesson type that will work best for you.

Private Golf Lessons

of Students


3 Lesson Package

9-Hole Playing Lesson**

3 Lesson Package
+ 9 holes**
1 student$110 / hour$300$220*$500

*Price does not include clubs, golf cart, or greens fees.
**9-Hole Playing Lessons may be played at Heather Ridge GC or Green Valley Ranch Golf Course. Since many golfers have discount cards, etc., the fee listed above is for my time; student pays their own greens fees and cart fees. Walking Playing Lessons are welcomed, available, and cheaper, same rate for me!
Golf lessons are taught at the Golf Club at Heather Ridge.

Number of
1-person$400 includes greens fee at GVR for the 4th class*
2-people $550 includes both greens fees at GVR for the 4th class*
3-peoplequoted upon request*

*Prices include golf clubs. Lessons taught at the Golf Club at Heather Ridge.

Golf Lessons in the Denver Area

I teach private and private group lessons at these great golf facilities

Heather Ridge Golf Course

Aurora, Colorado

Lessons at Heather Ridge Golf Course Aurora Colorado

Golf Colorado 365

Centennial, Colorado

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