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Senior Golf Lessons

Golf lessons to turn the years into your advantage

Golf Lessons – Because You’re Not Slowing Down

If you’re an older player looking for a new approach to your game, or you’re picking up golf for the very first time – senior golf lessons are for you.

Senior golf players can have different challenges than younger players. But just because we’re getting older, doesn’t mean we have to stop doing what we love. Lessons designed for senior golfers work with challenges often faced by older players.

Mobility, flexibility and power can become more of an issue in later years for most players. Factors such as reduced power can affect drives and change our game approach.

Sometimes we can adjust mechanics to get more distance from your driver, other times we’ll take a more holistic approach to see what else is going on. We’ll bring what you need to work on into our practice together.

senior golfers receiving golf lessons and instruction

Working with Challenges

I was diagnosed with a benign essential tremor over 20 years ago. When I first experienced the shaking, it destroyed my golf game. I couldn’t putt, chip or take full swings like I used to, and it caused me to play less. Thank God I had begun teaching golf as that became my passion – helping people of all ages to fall in love with this game.

With the help of my mentor Brad Neher, I was able to overcome the challenges of the tremor and can now play with more nice smooth swings. I can help seniors, in golf lessons focused on their needs, address challenges that a tremor can present in their game.

Maintain Confidence and Enjoyment

Some experienced players get frustrated as their ability changes. This shakes confidence and love for the game. I know it can be challenging not to be able to move and play in way we’re used to.

The last thing we want to do however, is give up on the game! We’ll work on rebuilding confidence as we adapt our play and adjust our approach to the game. And, as always, we’ll incorporate enjoyment into each step along the course.

Maximizing Your Strengths

If we’re older, we’re wiser (usually). We’ll capitalize on the gifts Time gave us. Patience and perspective take years to develop for everyone, not just golfers! We’ll hone our eye for the game and settle into the patience we’ve gained over the years.

The Long and Short of It

If your game has changed, don’t give up on it! We can make adjustments to get you back in the swing.

If you’re new to the game because you’ve finally got some time to pursue a new sport…welcome! Golf is wonderful way to get outdoors, stay social and practice a positive mindset.

We’ll work on what you need to work on specifically to meet your goals. Among other things, we’ll address:

  • Fundamentals – Grip, posture and alignment
  • Equipment – Could you use lighter clubs? Let’s review your equipment
  • Swing Mechanics – We’ll assess your swing and make any needed adjustments
  • Flexibility – Warm up and stretching are key. We’ll get you a routine to get going.
  • Game Approach – If we don’t have the distance we once did, we’ll develop a different approach to every shot.

Senior Golf Lesson Rates

I teach classes specifically designed for senior golfers in private lessons. This gives us the opportunity to focus on your needs. You can book lessons as an individual or as a group. Lessons are taught at CommonGrounds Golf Course and the Golf Club at Heather Ridge.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. We can discuss your goals and needs and set up the lessons best for you. I look forward to working with you!

Number of
1-person$400 includes greens fee at GVR for the 4th class*
2-people $550 includes both greens fees at GVR for the 4th class*
3-peoplequoted upon request*

*Prices include golf clubs. Lessons taught at the Golf Club at Heather Ridge.

Private Golf Lessons

of Students


3 Lesson Package

9-Hole Playing Lesson**

3 Lesson Package
+ 9 holes**
1 student$110 / hour$300$220*$500

*Price does not include clubs, golf cart, or greens fees.
**9-Hole Playing Lessons may be played at Heather Ridge GC or Green Valley Ranch Golf Course. Since many golfers have discount cards, etc., the fee listed above is for my time; student pays their own greens fees and cart fees. Walking Playing Lessons are welcomed, available, and cheaper, same rate for me!
Golf lessons are taught at the Golf Club at Heather Ridge.

Golf Lessons in the Denver Area

I teach private and private group lessons at these great golf facilities

Heather Ridge Golf Course

Aurora, Colorado

Lessons at Heather Ridge Golf Course Aurora Colorado

Golf Colorado 365

Centennial, Colorado

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